Subscription Pricing

By selecting subscription pricing at checkout, you are opting to enroll in our subscription program, which entitles you to preferred pricing and automatic shipment of future updates to the print products you purchased on subscription. Before future print updates are sent out, you will be notified by email of your standing order to receive updates to the products you subscribe to, along with an option to pay in advance to receive free shipping.

You can cancel your subscription by replying to the email or calling us before the product is shipped. Once the product has shipped, you can return the print product by following our return policy (products must be returned within 30 days and return postage is your responsibility). If subscription print products are not prepaid, an invoice for the updated product and a charge for shipping will be sent by email.

For digital editions purchased on subscription, you will be notified by email of your standing order to receive an updated digital edition. Because digital editions are not refundable, however, digital editions must be paid for in advance before the digital edition will be sent.

Bulk Discounts

Bearings offers the following bulk discounting on print and digital editions:

  • Purchases of 3-9 products receive 10% off.
  • Purchases of 10-49 products receive 15% off.
  • Purchases of 50 or more products receive 20% off.

To receive bulk discounting, the purchases must be made at the same time.

Bulk discounts do not apply to preorder specials.

For the purpose of bulk discounting, purchasing a single print and single digital edition of the same product is considered a single product (not 2 products).

Special Pricing for Students

Bearings offers special pricing for students who are currently enrolled in law school. To request student pricing, please send an email to from your law school email account.

Special Pricing for Judges

Bearings offers special pricing for active judges. To request judicial pricing, please send an email to from your government email account.