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NEW! 2023 Texas CPRC – Order Now!

The  Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code is sometimes called the “bread and butter” of litigation practice, and Bearings has developed the preeminent annotated edition for Texas practitioners. We have annotated over 2500 cases—leaving no stone unturned—to provide greater understanding of the code and to expedite research. Additional unique features, such as topical annotation headings and highlighted statutory definitions, facilitate quick and thorough statutory interpretation and analysis. And in Bearings’ CPRC, you’ll also find the Causes of Action Tables, which provide all the information you need, at a glance, to quickly assess the “key aspects” to over 60 causes of action.  


  • Civil Practice & Remedies Code:
    • Fully annotated with over 2500 cases
    • Includes the law governing:
      • Venue
      • Statute of limitations
      • Declaratory judgments
      • Extraordinary remedies (e.g., injunctions, receiverships)
      • Tort & governmental liability 
      • Proportionate responsibility & contribution
      • Medical malpractice
      • Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA)
      • Exemplary damages
      • Judgments
      • Settlement
      • ADR
      • Attorney fees
  • Select provisions from the following:
      • Texas Constitution
      • Alcohol & Beverage Code
      • Business & Commerce Code
      • Finance Code
      • Government Code
      • Insurance Code
      • Property Code
  • New! 2023 Legislation:
      • Over 160 legislative changes made to the CPRC
      • 2023 Legislation at a Glance Table summarizing the legislative changes
  • Special Features: Features include topical annotation headings, excerpts from important bill analyses, cross-references to relevant statutory definitions, cross-references to relevant rules & statutes, and complete legislative histories.
  • Causes of Action Tables: Tables that capture the elements, defenses, remedies, venue, and limitations for over 60 causes of action.
  • CPRC Chapter 95 Flow Charts: Outlining each party's burdens.

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Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code: Annotated
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Take Only What You Need to Court
  • NEW!  Chapter on Discovery!
  • NEW!  Rules changes!
  • Volume 1
    • Over 1200 pages of commentaries covering:
      • Client Intake
      • Presuit Evaluation & Investigation
      • Pleading Practice
      • Injunctions & Other Provisional Relief
      • Motion Practice
  • Volume 2
    • Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (annotated)
    • Texas Rules of Evidence (annotated)
    • Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure
  • Index with page numbers
    Editorial Board
    • Kurt Arnold
    • Andrew Gould
    • Jennifer Judge
    • Ayesha Najam
    • Gaines West
    • Richard Whiteley

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