Rules Features

  • Efficient design. Indentations at every rule-section level make the rules
    accessible and easy to read.
  • Strike-through & underscore. Strike-through and underscoring of all rule changes help you quickly identify changes in the law and assess whether the changes impact your case.
  • Annotations. Direct quotations and summations from leading court opinions
    provide invaluable interpretative guidance for each rule.
  • Topical annotation headings. Annotation headings save you time in locating the annotations that are relevant to your issue.
  • Cross-references to commentary. Cross-references to relevant commentary discussions help further your research and understanding of the applicable rule.
  • Cross-references. Cross-references direct you to helpful discussions using relevant sections and page numbers.
  • History notes. Easy-to-read and detailed history notes help you identify a former law and assess an older case’s interpretative value.